‘Global Trace Heating Solutions’

At Solco Pyroelec UK Ltd we aim to provide this while following our 3 mission principles of





Solco Pyroelec is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trace heating and other heating products. Our  core technologies are based in industrial, commercial and residential heat tracing products; heating jackets; temperature control and monitoring devices; leak detection systems and the design, manufacture and approval of Ex products for hazardous areas, providing a one-stop solution to customers worldwide.

Solco Pyroelec has always proposed revolutionary business models for the electrical heat tracing industry for best quality, value and customer satisfaction.

Solco Pyroelec has been recognized for conforming to all the relevant requirements of quality management systems standards such as ISO9001 and IEC 80079-34 to produce quality Ex certified products, and is making a name for providing reliability and performance as key benchmarks of products. Moreover, through endless efforts in research and development together with consistent and ethical sales practices, Solco Pyroelec has been expanding business worldwide.

The headquarters and manufacturing facilities are based in Seoul, South Korea and ensure we can maintain our commitment to provide value.

All products are manufactured in ISO9001 accredited facilitieswhich are further approved for the manufacture of ATEX and IECEx approved products. In addition, the UK engineering and sales office also holds ISO9001 accreditation hence ensuring we maintain our commitment to quality.

Solco Pyroelec UK’s founders havemore than a decade of experience in the research and manufacture of trace heating products as well as having worked for a UK based ATEX notified body and IECEX accredited test and certification facility. This wealth of technical expertise ensures our commitment to provide the requisite service to our customers and clients for both trace heating and Ex products.


Solco Pyroelec, a company that keeps on moving forward.

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