• Maximum operating temperature - up to plus 250℃
  • Maximum rated heat output - up to 200 W/m
  • Possibility of sections' factory fabrication
  • Possible to use in explosion hazardous areas
  • Possible to use in aggressive environment

Designed for the heating of pipelines and
accessories, tanks, vessels, other capacities,
technological equipment for operation as a part of heating equipment and devices as well as in food and chemical industry as replacement of standard tubular electrical heaters. Application of these cable types, usually is characterized by more equal distribution of the required power.

  • Maximum operating temperature : 250℃
  • Minimum operating temperature : -40℃
  • Minimum installation temperature : -25℃
  • Insulation resistance not less than : 1x10³ MOhm/m
  • Minimum permissible single bending radius
    at installation
  • at temperature above +5℃ :
    5 times of wire diameters
  • at temperature above +5℃ :
    10 times of wire diameters
  • Rated diameter of cable : 1.5 - 3.5mm
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