• Easy Operation and fast response
  • Heat tracing up to 4km with single power source
  • Flexible and excellent mechanical strength
  • Resist to heat, oil and chemicals
  • Long service life
  • Save cabling cost and installation cost
  • No inrush current
  • Freeze protection or temperature maintenance of longl distance pipeline
  • Freeze protection or temperature maintentance of vessel and tank
  • Freeze protection for chemical feeding or process line
  • Max. Operating Temp 100℃
  • Max. Exposure Temp 200℃
    * Asphalt Application Temp. (110~150 C)
  • Max. voltage 600 vac
  • Heat Density 50 ~ 350 watt/m²
  • Approx. 7 ~ 11mm
    (Depending on outer jacket selection)
  • Outer Jacket (Optional)
  • Non hazardous and hazardous location
  • Temperature maintenance up to 80℃(-X), 100℃(-F)
  • Intermittent Exposure Temperature up to 135℃(-X), 200℃(-F)
  • Circuit length up to 4,000m
  • Applying voltage up to 600 vac
  • max. heat density 30 watt/m
  • Cable size varies depending on conductor size
  • Outer Jacket (Optional)
  • X : XLEVA for 80℃ (Power-On) / 135℃ (Power-Off)
  • F : Fluoropolymer for 120℃ (Power-On) /
    200℃ (Power-Off)
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In extreme weather condition, heat-up or temperature maintenance of tank or vessel requires an outstanding performance together with ultimate energy efficiency. Solco Pyroelec SFC heating cable and relevant components show outstanding thermal endurance and mechanical strength up to 200℃. Also it has no inrush current so as to save cabling cost.

· Long distance chemical feed pipeline
· Tank and Vessel Heating
· Offshore petrochemical transportation line