• Heated pipe length of up to 3 km
  • High power output - up to 50 W/m
  • High efficiency, due to the flat construction and the corresponding higher contact to the heated object
  • Power supply from a single point minimizes costs for supply wiring
  • Easy installation in sections of convenient length

Longline LLS is a three-phase series resistance heating tape with constant power output designed to prevent frost or maintain the product temperature in pipelines of medium length up to 3 km. It's typical application is to maintain temperature of crude oil or fuel oil in above ground and buried pipelines and to prevent freezing of water lines.

The system application minimizes the required number of power supply points and thus reduces the cost of power supply network arrangement. The heating tape structurally includes three parallel heating cores made of copper wire insulated with high temperature silicone rubber.

The insulation is then covered with tinned copper wire braid and again with silicone rubber sheath.
The size of the heating conductors is chosen according to the desired power output for a specified length of the circuit. Heating tapes are connected directly to three-phase power network or, if necessary, to a special step up transformer.

var_typical installation

LLS heating cable may be installed on a pipe straightly or spirally. For the installation in pre-insulated pipes, suitably sized conduit pipe should be provided for corresponding LLS heating cable.
The heating cable can be supplied in standard length to make the installation easy and convenient.
Heating cable should not enter power supply box without cold lead. Solco Pyroelec supplies a complete range of accessories including termination/splice kits, feed and service boxes, control facilities.

table2 product drawing
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