• Easy operation and fast response
    Heat tracing up to 4km with single power source
    Save cabling cost for power supply
  • Flexible and excellent mechanical strength
  • Resist to heat, oil and chemicals
  • Flat cable for optimized thermal performance
    Long service life
  • Temperature maintenance up to 80℃(-CX),
  • Intermittent Exposure Temperature up to 135℃(-CX),
  • Circuit length up to 4,000m
  • Applying voltage up to 600 vac max. heat density
    30 watt/m
  • Cable size varies depending on conductor size
  • Outer Jacket (Optional)
  • X : XLEVA
  • F : Fluoropolymer
  • Freeze protection of fire hydrant water supply ex. Tunnel
  • Freeze protection for chemical feeding or process line
  • Non hazardous and hazardous location
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In cold weather, an electrical heat tracing system is highly required for freeze protection of pipelines ex. chemical transport or water supply.
But the heat tracing for tunnel or long distance pipeline should bear numbers of power supplies with conventional heating cables. The cabling cost often exceeds that of heat tracing itself.
Solco Pyroelec LLC longline heating cable system requires only one power supply in order to trace up to 4 km and saves money and time for extra cablings and connections.

· Long distance chemical feed pipeline
· Fire hydrant for tunnel
· Offshore petrochemical transportation line

var_thermal output graph

The below thermal output graphs for several conductor sizes and supplying voltages to be used only for reference.
For practical use, more variations should be considered beforehand. Please refer to Solco Pyroelec technical team for further information. Other conductor sizes are available on request.