• No overheating or burn even it ovelap each other
  • It self-regulates thermal performance in response to temperature
  • It can be cut to any length to suit any installation condition
  • Independent heat output control along the length
  • Soft power switching for energy save and for longer service life
  • Easy termination for power connection and splicing

Solco Pyroelec FBX Self-Regulating heating cables perform the best for the below listed applications:

  • Freeze protection for various pipepline under steam purge
  • Temperature maintenance for petrochemical and gas plant
  • Medium or heavy duty heat-up process
    ex) hopper heater
  • Hazardous location EPL ‘Gb’ (ATEX & IECEx), Class I, Division 1 (US)
  • Temperature maintenance up to 150 ℃ (302°F)
  • Continuous exposure temperature up to 190℃
    (374°F) (Power-Off)
  • Temperature Class ( T- rating )
  • T3 (200 ℃) : FBX152, 302, 452
  • T2 (300 ℃) : FBX602
  • Rated voltage 200 ~ 277 Vac
  • Available in 15, 30, 45 and 60 watts/m
  • approx. Dimension heating cable dimension 11.9mm x 5.9mm
  • Bus Wire - ASTM B355 Class 2 NPC 16 AWG
  • Fluoropolymer Jacket :
    Exposure to organic chemicals or corrosives
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FBX Self-regulating heating cable complies to the below listed international standards

IEC 60079-0 : 2011
- General requirements

IEC 60079-30-1 : 2007
- Elelctrical Resistance Trace Heating : General and
testing requirements

IEC 60079-7 : 2006
- Equipment protection by increased safety “e”


IECEx approvals
FBH, FBL and FBX Series
Electrical Heating Cable
Ex e IIC * Gb Ta
Cert No. IECEx FMG 14.0011X

KCs approvals
Heating Cable System
Ex e IIC T2
Cert No. 15-AV2BO-0193X

EU RO (DNV·GL) approvals
Electric Cables
- Heating Cables
FBX type self-regulating heating cable
IECEx type self-regulating heating cable system. Anti-icing system and De-icing system onboard ships and offshore vessels.
Temp. class T2 and T3
Cert No. MRE0000002

RMRS approvals
Self-Regulating Heating
Cables, type FBL, FBX
Cert No. 15.10470.296

SGS Baseefa, ATEX
Electrical Resistance
Trace Heating Cable
EN 60079-0: 2012 + All : 2013
EN 60079-7: 2007
EN 60079-30-1: 2007
Ex II 2 G Ex e IIC T* Gb
Cert No. Baseefa16ATEX0118X
* For More detail of certificate, click approval logo.