• Ready-for-use pre-terminated self-regulating
    heating cable set
  • UV resistant polycarbonate housing for
    tough outdoor use
  • Dust- and water-proof IP54 with silicone rubber
    seal and termination
  • Bimetallic thermostat control for saving electric
  • Two(2) LED lamp indicators
  • All international electric cord and plug types are
  • The length of heating cable and electric cord can
    be customized
  • Solco Pyroelec FB-BTK pre-terminated
    self-regulating heating cable set
  • performs the best for the below listed applications:
  • Freeze protection for water pipeplines
  • Gutter tracing
  • Anti-icing for ourdoor facilities
  • HSR polymeric PTC (self-regulating) heating cable
  • Max. exposure temperature up to 85℃ (185°F)
  • Ambient temperature -40℃ to +40℃
  • Rated voltage 200 ~ 250Vac
  • Available in 10, 16, and 24 watts/m
  • Heating cable dimension 11.2mm x 5.6mm
  • Standard heating cable length
    1m, 2m, 3m, 5m, 7m, 10m
  • Heating cable out jacket Flame retardant polyolefin
    Gray or Black
  • Flexible power cord 3C x 2.0mm , HVCTF 90℃
    Flame retardant
  • Standard power cord length 2m
  • Bimetal operating temperature +15℃ ± 5℃
  • On-Off differential 30±15K
  • Assembly housing material PC(black)
    + Silicone rubber
  • Switching capacity 250V / 6A
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FM approves Solco Pyroelec HSR and relevant accessories for ordinary areas and hazardous (classified) areas    Class I, Division 2, Group A, B, C, D T6 Temperature Class

SIRA, the IEC-Ex accredited British authority approved Solco Pyroelec HSR
and relevant accessories for hazardous locations
Ex e IIC T6 Gb    Cert No. Baseefa 15 ATEX 0109X
(* For More detail of certificate, click approval logo.)