LBSM-200 and LBSM-300 are sub-modules for LeakBan leak detection system and they generally work with the LBMM, master-module unit and a leak sensing cable. When leak sensing cables detect any event ,the LBSM sends pre-determined signals to the LBMM and at the same time they produce a visual and auditory alarm. Being determined as master module, the LBMM device should be linked with LBSM200 or LBSM300 via RS485 communication protocol for monitoring and alarming all the events and for showing the status of leak sensing cables on the LCD screen. All technical parameters and event-related data are automatically saved and stored in the provided external SD-card of the LBMM device and then can be read by PC or other electronic devices. LBSM can pinpoint the place where the leakage occurs with high accuracy. The housing of LBSM-200 and 300 is constructed with flame retardant PC and provides IP54 ingress protection. It can be mounted inside an enclosure by DIN rail or wall-mounted by the provided fixing screws. The LBSM-200 features a 1.4in LCD display and one LED light while LBSM-300 has no LCD display.