This connection kit is designed for terminating all Solco Pyroelec heat tracing cables HSR, VSR, FBL, FBH, FBX and FBCW parallel constant heating cable to a junction box, while maintaining electrical insulation of the heating cable conductors and core.
The silicone power tube does not require a heat gun or torch for the installation where hot work is prohibited.
The plastic cable gland is made of glass-fiber reinforced nylon for thermal endurance and mechanical strength.
The silicone rubber grommet supplied in the kit enable the gland to maintain optimum sealing under various ambient conditions.
Locking nut is provided for unthreaded entries.

  • Type : Cold applied
  • Thread size : PF 1" or M25
  • Minimum Ambient Temperature : -50℃
  • Max. Exposure Temperature : 150℃
  • Ingress Protection : IP67
  • Freeze protection for water pipepline
  • Temperature maintenance for fuel feedline
  • Automobile, camping gear
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