Fault contact output and alarm system
- Alarm occurs when short-circuiting the earth leakage breaker (ELB).
- Alarm in case of temperature sensor short-circuit or connection error

Security-enhanced setting value change method - Only authorized administrator can change setting

Automatic switching to Auto mode, Manual mode

After start-up, switch to the automatic mode by yourself to prevent winter frost accident

Initial starting current control: Reduces the construction cost by 30% by doubling the heater circuit length

Extending the system to the central monitoring monitor (optional)

Connected to the central monitoring monitor in the management room to check the operation status of hot wire at a glance

  • power supply voltage : AC220V single-phase system (2 wire/3 wire)
  • Frequency : 50 / 60Hz
  • Rated voltage: 25A (Max. value expression 30A)
  • Applied load range : PTC heating wire
  • circuit method : phase control / cycle control
  • Ambient temperature : 0°C ~ 50°C
  • Ambient humidity : up to 85% RH
  • Power control range : 0 ~ 100%
  • Control input : contact input
  • Withstand voltage : 1500V (1 minute)
  • Insulation resistance : 20MΩ or more
  • Cooling system : natural cooling
  • Features : small, light weight, no cooling fans required