Solco Pyroelec ET-16 is an electronic thermostat enclosure kit. It is specially designed for the most efficient performance for the electrical heating system for pathways, steps, ramps to prevent an ice formation on them as well as for roof heating systems to prevent the damage of drainage system elements.
The controller always maintain the temperature with external sensor probe.
If ambiemt temperature runs within the specified range, the controller switches a built-in relay(16A, 250V). If a temperature falls outside the specified range, relay contacts come apart. For example, when both temperature is higher than +5℃ and it is lower than -15℃, the device blocks a heating as the ice formation hardly happens at temperature of above +5℃ and below -15℃.
The plastic enclosure is designed and manufactured to meet all the requirement for heat tracing cable system even in hazardous location such as petrochemical industry. The enclosure body and cover are made of fiberglass reinforced polyamid for ultimate thermal endurance and mechanical strength. Conductive carbon black has been added to reduce surface resistivity to less than 10 ohm·cm.
The silicone rubber gasket and captive steel lid screw in the cover offers a water-tight IP67 protection.

  • Supply voltage : 220Vac 50Hz
  • Max. load current : 16A
  • Operating temperature : +5℃ to +45℃
  • Temperature range of actuating signal output :
    -15℃ to +5℃
  • Lower limit setting available : -15℃ to 0℃
  • Rated power consumption : 0.5W max.
  • Temperature sensor : NTC 1.0 kohm@25℃
  • Type of Protection : IP67 according to EN60529
  • Enclosure Material :
    Fiberglass reinforced polyester halogen-free,
    UV stablized, graphite black
  • Overall dimensions : 120mm x 120mm x 90mm
  • Plastic cable gland :
    Fiberglass reinforced nylon 1” Thread
  • Gasket and seal : Flame-proof silicone rubber
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